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You're able to offer a new service which increases traffic to your cause.
MIXs are unique, intriguing and entertaining additions to your existing activities and events. We share all MIXs on our channels, which increases your exposure as well!
You introduce a creative way to nurture your existing network.
Organizing MIXs just for your network, allowing your team members to engage and learn new things about each other they never knew, building stronger bonds.
There's No Economic Cost
And minimal time investment. We write the content for your MIXs, share on our MeetUp, Facebook and website to inspire participation.
What We Ask:

1. Offer an incentive to your community for organizing MIXs. Even if it's only 5% off their membership, or entries into a raffle you create for each MIX organized, lots of ways to do this!

2. Commit to organizing at least 2 MIXs a month, whether it's by someone on your team, or in your network. You choose the date, time location and theme. If you're a for profit, it has to be a Community MIX, something that's doing good for the local community, where you will not directly profit from the MIX.

3. Ideally once a week, but at least 2X's a month, you approve a post drafted by our team, and share it on your channels, with information regarding all upcoming MIXs in your area.
Richard Branson
"....now it should be about every single person in a business taking responsibility to make a difference in everything they do, at work and in their personal lives."
For Enterprise
You're Now The Culture Cultivator
Empower your employees to organize MIXs on and off premises, accessible only to your organization. Team members will engage fellow coworkers they never met, who share common interests they never knew about, building strong bonds with each-other, and your organization.
You're Able To Strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility
When your align with MIX Movement, your team members get a free membership to external MIXs, connecting natives, expats & locals for entertaining & insightful cultural exchanges.
Minimal Economic Investment
MIX Movement does not charge enterprise a premium for standalone platform access for Organizing & Finding internal MIXs. Companies who buy a minimum package of 50 memberships (10 Euros/member) will get access to a unique domain where team members can organize and find internal MIXs. Those memberships will be good for one-year of external MIXs as well, a great gift for your team!
We're stronger together, let's have a chat to see what we can work out.
We're building the bridge between local nonprofits, and the companies they share a community with.
Impact Industry Socials
Each month, MIX Movement organizes a "No Presentation" social,
focused on uniting Impact Makers with members of the local community.

This gives people who a chance to meet #ChangeMakers who are finding fun and creative solutions to connect cultures, manifest a circular economy & protect the environment, and get inspired to become Active Citizens themselves!

Our Next Activator X is April 10, 2019
We invite NGOs, Nonprofits, Social Enterprises and Companies with strong corporate social responcibility divisions to align with us for Activator X Events, in order to inspire people who want to know more about their causes to come and engage them at our Impact Industry Socials.
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