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getmixing.com is MIXlife of mixmovement.com!
MIX Movement
-Summer Rewards 2019-
2 Winners will get a 7 Day Trip To Lisbon for 2!

Airline tickets, 6 nights & 7 days at
a private AirBnB for the group of 4!

We will organize cool parties, you will visit our office to meet our team, and see
exclusive future services of MIX MOVEMENT.

Starts March 1 - Ends Aug 31
The trip is the 4th week of September!
Points Rewards System
Different actions gain different amount(s) of Points. How you use your points is up to you!

1 Point = 1 Entry into the Summer Raffle for a trip to Lisbon in September.
1 Point = 1% discount to anything in our online store of branded merchandise (July 2019)!
(Max 20% off per purchase, points will carry over).

If you have 37 points, you can convert 20 points into a 20% discount and get that cool, colorful "Do You MIX!?" trucker hat!
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Founding 500 Mod Badge
The Founding 500 Mod Badge is rewarded to the first 500 Mods who organize at least 2 MIXs each calendar month, for 6 consecutive months.

Founding 500 Mods enjoy a FREE lifetime membership to MIXMovement.com, 20 additional points AND 20 entries into the Lisbon Trip Raffle! Also, a certificate of achievement and a hand written letter of grattitude will be sent from Richard the founder.
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Points For Making & Participating in MIXs (Each Calendar Month)
1 Point for the 1st MIX you go to.
1 Point for the 2nd MIX
2 Points for the 3rd MIX
2 Points for the 4th MIX
3 Points for every MIX after!

MIX Mods-
Organizing A MIX? You get double points!
2 Point for the 1st MIX you make.
2 Point for the 2nd MIX
4 Points for the 3rd MIX...
6 points for the 5th MIX and each after!
Inspire New Mods
For every new Mod who references you as their "Inspiration" for joining MIX Movement and organizing a MIX - You will get 3 Points!

If you see one of your previous participants is now organizing MIXs, just tell us, we will add the points for you!
Our team is made up mostly of people who share their time, helping with Web Development, Illustration, Graphic Design, Mentoring, and more!

Please, look at the "Collaborate" part of our website to see if you have the relative skills needed to help our young and ambitious project!

Each week you're collaborating with MIX Movement, you will get 2 points!
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Share & Follow
1 Point For Each Follow Of:
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

5 Points For Sharing Our Facebook Page!
Click the button to learn how!
Discover People
Discover You
MIX Rewards Are For Members Of MIXMovement.com
~A Socializing Network Connecting Cultures~
Experience your interests in a whole new way
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Basic Rules For The MIX Rewards
MIX Movement reserves the right to make changes to this raffle at our discretion. Official Terms & Conditions will be available shortly.

Rewards are for members of MIXMovement.com

Questions & Critiques
We have come so far, only because of the feedback we've received. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you feel we can be doing anything better.

Also, we LOVE questions - don't hesitate to ask!

info@mixmovement.com - guaranteed reply in less than 8 hours!
Give Me An Example Month of Points!
OK - Let's say for the month of March you:
- Organized 4 MIXs - 12 Total Points
- Participated in 2 MIXs - 2 Total Points
- 2 people (Friends or MIX Participants of Yours) Signed up as Mods and organized a MIXs - 6 Total Points
- Shared our Facebook Page with all your friends, sent us the screenshot - 5 Bonus Points!

Total - 25 Points! - You will be able to use as a % off in our store, or as entries into the September Raffle!
Converting Points Explained
You can use your points in 1 of 2 ways.

Points can be converted into a % discount on our online store of cool, colorful branded apparal. 1 point will equal 1% discount. We will have a maximum discount of 20% for any purchase. If you have 27 points, you will be able to use 20% discount for a purchase, and you will keep your 7 points for future purchase.

On Sep. 5 - All point holder will be able to turn in the amount of points they wish as entries into the raffle for a Trip to Lisbon at the end of September.
MIX Movement - All Rights Reserved.
+34 927 638 900
Corp Office is at the Impact Hub in Lisbon, Portugal.

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